Story Cubes rozwija wyobraźnię

I miejsce (praca po angielsku)

Gratulacje dla Mateusza Januszkiewicza, ucznia klasy pierwszej XVIII LO w Krakowie, za zdobycie nagrody głównej w kategorii pracy w języku angielskim w konkursie „Story Cubes rozwija wyobraźnię”.

A long time ago strange events occurred, in a native American village Matchuka. It all started when the local fruit-pickers noticed something peculiar. „I think someone is messing with our trees.” concerned Jalen told his friend. „What do you mean?” Cuba asked. „Yesterday I counted the apples we were going to pick. It turns out a few of them are gone.” Jalen responded. Cuba furrowed his brow „Huh? It must have been those damn kids again”. But it was only the beginning. Suddenly flocks of sheep started disappearing. Scared residents reported seeing a creepy shadow near their tipis. As soon as the local shaman Ratatatou heard about it, he announced that a ritual needs to be performed. He drew a large circle with strange markings all over it. Then he chanted some incomprehensible words and spilled a foul-smelling liquid on the ground. The centre of the drawing got significantly darker. Then the shaman asked „Why are you doing this?” The dirt in front of the dark spot spelled out „Emotions”. They discovered that the shadow was feasting on their worries. Thankfully after long negotiations the ghost agreed to live on positive feelings, caused by good deeds that it could do.

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